Day 474: Forever Now, Cold Chisel

Another classic from the Aussie band Cold Chisel. Unfortunately the audio quality on this video isn’t great but the song is well worth listening to if you have not heard it before.

Day 348: Real Men, Joe Jackson

This song is long overdue for Covid Island Discs. A song which is particularly relevant if you grew up in a place like Sydney in the 1970s. Certainly, in those days, the definition of what was acceptable, in terms of being an Australian male, was extremely narrow. Fascinatingly, the strong homophobia that was present in …

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Day 347: Goodnight Siagon, Billy Joel

So yesterday I posted my first Doors hit “Riders on the Storm”. Today’s song, “Goodnight Siagon” by Billy Joel mentions the Doors in its lyric: “We passed the hash pipe and played our Doors tapes and it was dark so dark at night.” Another song about the terrible human cost of the Vietnam war.

Day 316: Cambodia, Kim Wilde

So the last song of Kim Wilde’s I shared was a comical Christmas song: Rockin’ around the Christmas tree a duet between her and the late great comedian Mel Smith. This song is at the opposite end of the spectrum and captures one of the darkest moments of US history when Nixon ordered the carpet …

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