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Day 482: Safety Dance, Men Without Hats

So during the long journey that was Covid Island Discs I explored different musical themes. One of these themes were strange songs of the 1980s. This song, which was released in 1982, certainly should have made my list as its... View Article

Day 474: Forever Now, Cold Chisel

Another classic from the Aussie band Cold Chisel. Unfortunately the audio quality on this video isn’t great but the song is well worth listening to if you have not heard it before.

Day 457: Billie Jean, Michael Jackson

OK so as I said in an earlier citation of Michael Jackson’s “Beat it” song Michael Jackson is not my favourite artist which is why this is only the second time he has appeared in Covid Island Discs. However, if... View Article

Day 411: Through these walls, Phil Collins

This song captures an unusual theme. It is written from the perspective of a sexual pervert who listens “through these walls” at couples making love and sees through the windows at the girls and boys imagining the noise. As the... View Article

Day 398: I won’t hold you back, Toto

Time to change from yesterday’s heavy rock guitar of Jimi Hendrix to this pretty little number from Toto. This song was on their Toto IV album which had their two classic hits Rosanna and Africa. However, I think this song... View Article

Day 364: Telegraph Road, Dire Straits

Countdown to the year anniversary of Covid Island Discs T -3 This is probably one of Dire Straits longest songs running for over 15 minutes. This song opened their Love over Gold album and it certainly is a fantastic and... View Article

Day 348: Real Men, Joe Jackson

This song is long overdue for Covid Island Discs. A song which is particularly relevant if you grew up in a place like Sydney in the 1970s. Certainly, in those days, the definition of what was acceptable, in terms of... View Article

Day 347: Goodnight Siagon, Billy Joel

So yesterday I posted my first Doors hit “Riders on the Storm”. Today’s song, “Goodnight Siagon” by Billy Joel mentions the Doors in its lyric: “We passed the hash pipe and played our Doors tapes and it was dark so... View Article

Day 316: Cambodia, Kim Wilde

So the last song of Kim Wilde’s I shared was a comical Christmas song: Rockin’ around the Christmas tree a duet between her and the late great comedian Mel Smith. This song is at the opposite end of the spectrum... View Article