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Song 4: Ship of fools, World Party

On the 19th of July 2022 the UK recorded the hottest temperatures since records began topping over 40°C in some areas of the country. Yet earlier this year on a Facebook discussion group, I laboured in vain against those who... View Article

Day 300: Papa Don’t Preach, Madonna

So this is the first Madonna song to make it into Covid Island Discs. Although I’m not a great fan of Madonna, I do like this song. It also captures an intense family moment as a daughter begs her father... View Article

Day 188: True Faith, New Order

Yesterday I shared a hit from Joy Division. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, after Ian Curtis committed suicide the remaining band members formed the band New Order. This is probably their best known hit. Now I have lived more than... View Article

Day 114: Livin’ on a prayer, Bon Jovi

“Oh, oh half way there, oh oh livin’ on a prayer.” Bon Jovi is always an exciting musician to listen to and this really is one of the hard rock classics which gets the most amazing amount of crowd participation... View Article