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Day 419: Man in the Moon, REM

This is a great little song by REM. I remember when it came out I was working as a PhD student at the University of Manchester. I have a very distinct memory of doing tissue culture work with another scientist... View Article

Day 395: Lithium, Nirvana

So recently I posted a song by Evanescence titled Lithium. This song is completely different to the Nivana’s classic by the same name. It is kind of interesting that the humble drug lithium get’s so much attention from rock stars.... View Article

Day 314: Connected, Stereo MC’s

So this song is firmly attached to my first job after moving from Sydney to Manchester. At the time I was working as a PhD student in the Manchester University Stopford building (an incredibly ugly building very typical of late... View Article

Day 198: Everybody hurts, REM

“Hello we are REM and this is what we do”. Cool intro. A nice simple song to play on guitar. Not sure what the blue strip across Stipe’s head is all about though 😄.

Day 186: Friday I’m in Love, The Cure

One of the funny things about doing Covid Island Discs is that even after citing hundreds of songs you suddenly realise you have completely left out a major rock group. It dawned on me I have not as yet had... View Article

Day 139: Tears from Heaven, Eric Clapton

Such a beautiful song with lovely guitar backing. The song is particularly sad because Eric Clapton wrote it about his 4 year old son who was killed when he fell out of a window from a 53rd floor tower block.... View Article