Day 419: Man in the Moon, REM

This is a great little song by REM. I remember when it came out I was working as a PhD student at the University of Manchester. I have a very distinct memory of doing tissue culture work with another scientist Juliet while this song was blaring out of the radio. The lyrics to this song …

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Day 395: Lithium, Nirvana

So recently I posted a song by Evanescence titled Lithium. This song is completely different to the Nivana’s classic by the same name. It is kind of interesting that the humble drug lithium get’s so much attention from rock stars. Lithium main indication is for bipolar disorder and acts as a mood stabiliser. I guess …

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Day 198: Everybody hurts, REM

“Hello we are REM and this is what we do”. Cool intro. A nice simple song to play on guitar. Not sure what the blue strip across Stipe’s head is all about though 😄.

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