Day 458: Country House, Blur

So I guess one good thing about being forced to continue Covid Island Discs for another month is I get to cite multiple songs from bands like Blur and the Smiths: both these bands I did not cite until what I thought was the final week of Covid Island Discs so therefore it seemed at …

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Day 429: Runaway, The Corrs

Time for another song from Irish group the Corrs. A very pretty song sung by three very beautiful sisters and their brother. Bit like the inverse tale of Cinderella with Jim being the guy with 3 beautiful rather than ugly sisters I guess.

Day 418: High and Dry, Radiohead

Time for another song from Radiohead. This is the third time I have cited them in Covid Island Discs. This is one of those mellow songs I guess you would listen to over a bottle of red wine after you have just broken up with the love of your life.

Day 298: Common People, Pulp

Another song from the band Pulp. I guess this English band’s song picks up the very much alive English class system. And here is a comical rewording of the song aimed against one of the most elitist politicians in the current Conservative party. Sadly the lyrics in this comical version are not so far from …

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Day 76: Deeper Water, Paul Kelly

So completed my first swim since lockdown without a wetsuit so quite cold. Two people from Platt were also there John Boley (Sarah Boley) and Rachel Watson. Was good to see some church folk in 3D for once although sad social distancing meant could only greet them with a distance wave. We’re still in strange …

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