Day 431: Life for rent, Dido

I think this song from Dido is interesting lyrically. It captures well the modern angst of trying to form a permanent relationship with someone while simultaneously wanting to hold onto your independence. An impossible balancing act for some.

Day 427: Maybe Tomorrow, Stereophonics

This is the first appearance of the band Sterophonics in Covid Island Discs. Maybe Tomorrow is one of their most famous songs as it was used as the opening theme song to Wicker Park (2004) and also was played during the credits of the award winning movie Crash.

Day 416: Homeward bound, Paul Simon & Willie Nelson

OK this video clip is a bit of unusual find where Paul Simon and Willie Nelson duet on the Simon and Garfunkel classic Homeward Bound. Willie Nelson certainly brings a unique sound to this classic song as no-one has the vocal tonality of Willie’s unique signature voice.

Day 372: The Reason, Hoobastank

So I start week 54 by citing a new band that is yet to appear in Covid Island Discs. The Reason is a song by Hoobastank. The video opens with him hitting a girl in his car and this reminds me of a Genesis song which will be my tune for tomorrow.

Day 291: Bring me to life, Evanescence

Phew! All I can say is that the band Evanescence takes musical intensity to another level. And if you think that was intense, try the live version out!

Day 162: White Flag, Dido

So I thought this song was not about her but her brother who messed up a relationship. However I then found a live version of this song on Youtube where Dido seems to intimate that writing the song caused a major hassle in her life which suggests she did write it about a lost lover. …

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