Day 409: Yahweh, U2

As a Christian of some 50 years I can relate to this song. Sadly life is not easy for anyone and sometimes it is so hard to make sense of the odd reality in which we all find ourselves.

Day 164: She has no time, Keane

I thought this song was about a broken relationship but Thomas Chaplin actually introduces it by saying the song was written by his band mate about him because he was so bad at getting girls. However the original Youtube video that has this introduction has sadly been taken down by the original poster so I …

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Day 64: 5:15 am, Mark Knopfler

Another lovely song from another great wordsmith. A great little story that unfolds in this song. The bandit manCame north to fill his bootsCame up from cockneylandE-type jags and flashy suitsThe bandit manCame up the great north roadUp to geordielandTo mine the mother lode

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