Christmas 2022

This year, due to both Helen and I being ill from about the 11th of November (Grace’s 18th birthday) to about the 13th of December, our Christmas letter writing has been somewhat curtailed. So here is our very brief news for 2022. In general, things are much improved from the difficult covid years of 2020 & 2021. However, we are now sadly aware that this year is a tough one for many fellow Brits because many are simply not earning enough to keep up with the high inflation rates that currently plague the UK and many other parts of the world.

We hope that you too are doing OK in these financially challenging times and we continue to pray that things might start to improve in 2023, especially in relation to the war in Ukraine which, while causing immense suffering to countless Ukrainians, is also exacerbating the current economic peril faced by many.

A final recurrent prayer is that God raises up new leaders who take the impending climate crisis seriously so that our children may continue to benefit from the beautiful world that my generation has enjoyed for more than half a lifetime (yes I am also getting on a bit so learning to grow old gracefully is definitely on my “to do” list!! 😎).

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