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Week 36: Karaoke, Peter Kay

Time to move onto some stand up comedy. I begin with Peter Kay who has produced some masterful material over his career capturing the many foibles of human existence. In this particularly funny segment, Kay picks up on the common problem we all have (especially as we get older) of completely mishearing lyrics.

I find this sketch particularly interesting as a physiologist because it also demonstrates how our brains can be so easily tricked if we are presented contrary information about the content of what we are hearing. Kay tells the audience what he wants them to hear and then mouths the incorrect lyric over the song and incredibly this is exactly then what you here. The most dramatic demonstration of this is in the song “We are family where he suggests they are singing “just let me staple the vicar”. The correct lyrics are “just let me state for the record”. If you play this part of the sketch and focus on the correct lyric of “just let me state for the record” you will actually correctly hear the correct words. Quite incredible really.

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