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Science Part 7: The Special Theory of Relativity

This video is part of a series that examines the underlying philosophical framework that underpins the scientific method. Part of that framework is the idea that the tool of mathematics accurately describes the operations of our universe. Perhaps one of... View Article

Covid-19 Vaccination: why it is a good thing!

This video is a defence of the Covid-19 vaccines and a critique of the anti vaccination movement. It also examines some of the claims made against the vaccines by Dr Mike Yeadon who, for reasons only known to himself, has... View Article

The Metaphysics of Physics Part IV: Calculation

In this video we begin our journey into the final tool that underpins the scientific method and that is mathematics. Our ultimate aim over the next few videos is to prove the famous Einsteinian equation Energy=mc2. In order to do... View Article

The Metaphysics of Physic Part III: Compaction

In my first two videos I presented the four presuppositions that underpin the scientific method. These axioms all started with the letter “C” and were: Coherence Co-existence Correspondence Conservation This week we move to our first actual tool of science... View Article

The Metaphysics of Physics, Part II

This is the second video in my series on the philosophical presuppositions or axioms that underpin the scientific method. The four presuppositions (all starting with the letter “C”) are: 0. Coherence 1. Co-existence 2. Correspondence 3. Conservation In this video... View Article