Global Heating & why our covid-19 response demonstrates we are not going to be able to correct it.

This thought video I’m afraid is a little dark so if you don’t want to face the bad news of global warming I suggest you don’t watch this one. In the video I explain why I think we are in deep trouble in relation to global heating and why we now have no hope of moving towards a sustainable carbon dioxide production.

The main evidence I present for this rather negative outlook is based on our utter failure as a species to address a much more recent and tractable problem and that was the covid-19 pandemic. One disturbing truth that the pandemic revealed was that the overall response of humanity to any particular challenge is only as good as the response of the worst leaders on our planet. In relation covid-19, while some national leaders have adopted appropriate polices to address the covid-19 pandemic, there have also been world leaders who have completely failed to take the necessary action to prevent the disease from becoming established within the world population. In the same way, even if some nations were to make the necessary adjustments to their economies to drastically reduce their carbon emissions, unless all nations act in unison then this will make little difference to the overall outcome of runaway global heating.

Because my overall conclusion in the first past of this video is that humanity is in serious trouble in relation to the damage we have now done to our planet, I then spend some time exploring the implications of a future where the carrying capacity of the planet has been substantially reduced first from an atheist and then from a Christian perspective. As an aside I also spend some time explaining why it is not irrational to believe that our universe is the product of a God who is relationally responsive. Once I have developed this argument I then conclude by examining how theists, and in particular Christians can respond to the climate crisis arguing that repentant prayer will be a component of that response because if our universe is the product of an outside intelligence, then that intelligence has the power to underdo normal causation that will follow from changing the concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere from the pre-industrial level of 278 parts per million (ppm) to 417 ppm.

Some other ideas that are touched on this video are the Fermi Paradox and the Turing test plus a video by Roger Hallam who founded Extinction rebellion. Please use the above links if you would like further information about any of these topics. Also make reference to my earlier videos on the philosophy that underpins the scientific method. Here is the video on the coherency test of truth and this one covers correspondence.

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