Covid-19 Vaccination: why it is a good thing!

This video is a defence of the Covid-19 vaccines and a critique of the anti vaccination movement. It also examines some of the claims made against the vaccines by Dr Mike Yeadon who, for reasons only known to himself, has decided to accuse the whole scientific community of criminal activity including the outrageous idea that governments may use a future covid booster as a way to commit mass genocide against the populations they govern. It is a sad state of affairs that in the 21st century we must argue against such mendacious rubbish but alas we live a time where conspiracy theories are rife and social media bubbles are creating more and more disparate groups who share very little, in terms of their information sources.

One of the ideas I present in this video is to assess Yeadon’s claims in terms of their overall coherency. For those who have watched my earlier videos, they will recognise that part of the underlying philosophy that governs the scientific method is to assess a theory based on two main criterion: 1) how well it explains the observed data and 2) its logically coherency. Obviously if a scientific theory contains logical fallacies or contradictions then it must be rejected. In this video I apply the coherency test to Yeadon’s claim that the Covid-19 RNA vaccine is more dangerous than the others because it produces the spike protein which he claims is highly toxic. The video where I discuss the coherency test of truth can be found here

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