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Week 69 The final playlist

So for this final playlist I am not going to comment on the videos in this week’s list. Instead I shall just cite the lyrics of my final song to close Covid Island Discs Given the mess we’re are in... View Article

Week 68 Video Playlist Summary

So this week there are some great videos in my music list. Ones which are really worth checking out are: I send a message, INXS Come as you are, Nirvana And she was, Talking Heads Call me when you’re sober,... View Article

Week 67 Video Playlist

So this week there are some great videos that are very visually evocative. My top three are: Video Games, Lana Del Rey Here with me, Dido Green Light, Lorde I think out of those three my favourite is Green Light... View Article

Week 66 Video Playlist Summary

So my vote for the best video this week goes to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. Such a great video to watch and so visually interesting and evocative. The other thing that makes this video appealing is Jackson’s body movements which... View Article

Week 65 Video Playlist Summary

So this was meant to be the last week of Covid Island Discs but sadly the government has delayed the final relaxation of lockdown restrictions due to the delta variant of Covid-19 which is currently spreading rapidly in the UK... View Article

Week 64 Video Playlist Summary

So this week my vote for the best video goes to “No Son of Mine” by Genesis. The video captures well the theme of the song about a father rejecting his son because the son walked out on the family... View Article

Week 63 Video Playlist

OK so this week there are some very evocative videos. My top three would be: Tainted Love, Soft Cell Sing, Travis Lyin’ Eyes, The Eagles This last song I just love because there are a bunch of Eagle band members... View Article

Week 62 Video Playlist

So there were some very visually interesting videos this week. Probably the top three that are worth looking at are: Life for rent by Dido Wrapped around your finger by the Police Thank U by Alanis Morissette I think out... View Article

Week 61 Video Playlist

So this week three videos which are worth checking out are: “My Baby” by Cold Chisel “Don’t want to miss a thing” by Aerosmith “While my guitar Gently Weeps” by Lynn et al. The Cold Chisel video for the great... View Article

Week 60 Playlist Video

So this week I suggest checking out the following videos. Heart of Gold by Neil Young is quite good as his introduction to the song is quite fun and shows his funny side. Also Panic at the Disc’s Gospel video... View Article