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Day 7: Blow away by George Harrison

This little remembered tune was the other one that dominated the UK radio stations during my stay in hospital (see yesterday’s post). After returning to Australia, it was many years before I rediscovered the song. For some reason I thought... View Article

Day 6: Wow by Kate Bush

I was a clumsy child. My life nearly ended as a toddler when I fell into a swimming pool and all but drowned to the point of being clinically dead. Then in 1978 I managed to get hit by a... View Article

Day 4: Piano Man by Billy Joel

OK so yesterday I said we were required to write about two songs in our high school English assignment. The second song I chose (a 70s classic) was Piano Man on account of the clever line: “They’re sharing a drink... View Article

Day 2: Sand in my shoes by Dido

It will quickly dawn on people as I share my list over the next few weeks that I am still mostly stuck in the 20th century in terms of my music. So just to demonstrate that I have just about... View Article

Day 1: Hide in your shell, Supertramp

OK day 1 of social isolation. To keep myself and perhaps some of you guys amused I am going to post a song from Youtube each day and a bit about why I like it. Rather than call it Desert Island... View Article