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Day 189: Whatever, Oasis

I must confess I only half like Oasis, however, given I’m currently sharing Manchester bands and groups whose members are local to me, it can’t get much closer than Oasis who were born and bread in Burnage, the suburb of... View Article

Day 188: True Faith, New Order

Yesterday I shared a hit from Joy Division. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, after Ian Curtis committed suicide the remaining band members formed the band New Order. This is probably their best known hit. Now I have lived more than... View Article

Day 187: Love will tear us apart, Joy Division

Yesterday I shared a hit by the band the cure. The cure and Joy division often played gigs together with Joy Division opening their concerts. Of course Joy Division’s music is anything but joyful and one of their founding members,... View Article

Day 186: Friday I’m in Love, The Cure

One of the funny things about doing Covid Island Discs is that even after citing hundreds of songs you suddenly realise you have completely left out a major rock group. It dawned on me I have not as yet had... View Article

Day 185: Mother, Mother by Tracy Bonham

This song was a major hit one year when I was visiting Sydney. I like the concept of this song: the loyal daughter writing home to her mother about her life and how everything is under control. The music instrumentation... View Article