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Day 315: Lola, The Kinks

Can’t believe I haven’t published this song yet in Covid Island Discs. An absolute rock and roll classic from a great English band who up until now, have been completely left out of my Covid Island Discs collection. An interesting... View Article

Day 314: Connected, Stereo MC’s

So this song is firmly attached to my first job after moving from Sydney to Manchester. At the time I was working as a PhD student in the Manchester University Stopford building (an incredibly ugly building very typical of late... View Article

Day 313: Hopeless Wanderer, Mumford and Sons

This is only the second song from Mumford and Sons in Covid Island Discs. Another great little tune from this very talented band. Really like the banjos and the bearded guy playing the doublebase. Must have been a bit nervous... View Article

Day 312: Paranoid Eyes, Pink Floyd

So yesterday, I posted a song by Panic at the Disco called High Hopes. Both the video and the lyrics of this song suggest a positive story of a young man who has high hopes for his life and indeed... View Article

Day 311: High Hopes, Panic at the Disco

This is the first time “Panic at the Disco” has featured on Covid Island Discs and they are a favourite band of my daughter, Grace. “High Hopes” is a song that has both interesting lyrics and an eye-catching video clip.... View Article

Day 310: Boy named Sue, Johnny Cash

So I was listening to Radio 2 this morning and this song came on airwaves. It put a smile on my face and brought back memories of my early childhood. While the song is humorous, it also is a good... View Article

Day 309: Runaway train, Soul Asylum

This is another song which captures the human condition for many quite nicely. It pictures life’s progression as being on a runaway train. I particularly like the chorus which goes: Runaway train never going backWrong way on a one way... View Article