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Day 211: The name of the game, Abba

Another song by a band that is often considered by many as a band for the teeny boppers of the the 70s. Yet Abba wrote some very interesting songs with very interesting lyrics and here is another song from their... View Article

Day 154: Knowing me, knowing you, Abba

In the original Covid Island Discs that I published on Facebook, I ended the series at week 11 with the Abba song “thank you for the music” which summarises how I feel about this amazing gift God has given us.... View Article

Day 77: Thank You For The Music, Abba

Yes I know some people (here’s looking at you Stuart McDonald) will go what?? I have to admit my musical tastes are very broad partly because there are many components of music which I respond to. One important component for... View Article