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Day 274: Song for Dylan, David Bowie

I ended last week’s Covid Island Discs with another song from Bob Dylan. This reminded me of a David Bowie song which is a tribute to Dylan’s musical genius. Really think the lines below that Bowie penned about Dylan are... View Article

Day 70: 1984 By David Bowie

Wow another milestone. This completes my David Bowie trilogy with the last 1984 themed-based song from his Diamond Dogs album. I remember really wanting to have a New Years’ Eve party because wouldn’t it have been great to play this... View Article

Day 69: We are the dead

OK given Helen is currently reading 1984 and since there is no discernible change in the Johnson government’s behaviour, I thought I would share two more songs from David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs album before returning to my 21st century theme.... View Article

Day 68: Big Brother by David Bowie

This was not my planned post tonight as I am currently working through 21st century songs. However, I feel this song is highly relevant to the current political shenanigans in the UK and it is a great excuse to hear... View Article

Day 17: A Space Oddity by David Bowie.

So my rock collaboration theme has come to an end and I am now going to start to look at what some of these amazing people produced outside of the music they made as part of their collaborations. I will... View Article