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The Desktop photo program fixes a limitation in Windows 10 which only allows you to display photos from a single folder on your computer desktop. With this program Windows 10, like its predecessor, will display all your photos in your pictures directory no matter how many sub folders deep they are stored.

Additionally the program also allows you to quickly navigate from the current desktop photo to its image file. This is great because it quickly allows you to edit or delete the desktop image file so you can begin to sort out all your photos as Windows 10 randomly displays them for you on your desktop.

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Before Microsoft released Windows 10, it was possible to set your desktop to cycle through your personal photos. With the release of Windows 10, while it is still possible to set your wallpaper to your pictures folder, the operating system no longer looks in any subfolders. Therefore, if you’re like most people, and you organise your photos into subfolders, none of them will be displayed on your desktop. This program fixes this limitation allowing you to set Windows so that it looks through all your photos no matter which subfolder they are in.

It does this by creating a folder in your public directory called Picture links (full path c:\users\public\DesktopPhotoEdit\PictureLinks.

Inside this directory it places shortcuts to all your photo no matter what subfolder inside the picture folder they are located. By placing all the links into a single folder it effectively “flattens” the folder structure so that all the photos are now accessible to Window 10.

The program also allows you, with a simple keyboard shortcut, to go directly from your desktop wallpaper photo to the photo file so you can edit or delete it. This is great because it means you can now use your desktop wallpaper to help sort through your photos.

When you get a photo you don’t like, you simply push <CTRL>+<ALT>+<Q> and you are taken directly to the photo where you can delete or edit it. I fix my photos which contain red eyes using this method.


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