Timesheet Database


The Timesheet database is designed for contractors who must keep track of all their work activities so they can submit claims back to their employer/customer. Once data has been entered, the program can produce 5 different reports:

  1. Activity-Centric Timesheet
  2. Date-Centric Timesheet
  3. Historic timesheets grouped into claimed-date tables
  4. Expense-claim Timesheet
  5. Total Database report (subset of records can be selected using table view filters.

Take a look at the image gallery for examples of each report and screenshots of the various forms that are available in this Access database.

View Timesheet Database User Manual

This program has two uses. If you are a contract worker, who must submit timesheets to your employer, then this program is for you as it will keep track of your activities and generate detailed timesheet reports to submit with your expenses claim.

However, this program also has a second use. If you are a university or school student, you can use this program to capture the amount of time you spend on revision and personal study. As a tutor of university students, my advice to all those I have tutored is keep a formal record of the number of hours you spend revising before your exams. This is important because it helps you to understand the amount of time you need to spend revising to obtain whatever mark you want to obtain for your degree or other study course.


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