Outlook Visitor Management Addin


The Outlook Visitor Management add-in automates the tedious process of setting up a meeting with one of your outlook contacts. It allows you to select your guest(s), set a meeting date and time and then it automatically sends the required email(s) to your guests informing them of the meeting date and time while also putting the meeting into your Outlook calendar. If you work in an organisation that has a front desk, it can also optionally send an email to your front desk staff informing them of your appointment with external visitor.

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Do you find yourself having to type the same old email to your company’s front desk telling them of a visitor you are expecting? Do you also find yourself hunting through past emails to find the standard one you send to your visitor explaining how to get to your place of business and what to do once they arrive?

This program automates the whole process. With one simple click the program will send the appropriate message to your company’s front desk, puts the date and time of the meeting with your visitor in your Outlook calendar and finally, sends the appropriate instruction email to your visitor saving you a great deal of hassle.


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