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Are you a Mah-jong player who finds the scoring of mah-jong tedious at best and difficult to impossible at worst? Then this program is for you. It is based on the official British Mah-jong association rules and it completely automates the who process of scoring a Mah-jong hand including preventing the user from entering impossible hands.

The Mah-Jong Excel Addin is a free program which can be downloaded using the link above the product image. However, if you have found this program useful then you might like to make a donation here. You can donate as little as £1. Alternatively if you are feeling more generous then simply increase the number of items ordered to increase your donation amount.


Anyone who has played Mah-Jong knows how difficult it is to score the game. This Excel workbook automates the process entirely and stops the user from entering impossible Mah-jong hands. It is largely based on British Mah-Jong Association scoring rules although it is also possible to score using the stricter Chinese system. If you haven’t ever played Mah-jong it is well worth buying a set and giving it a go.