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Day 389: Angie, The Rolling Stones

So far I have only cited one song from the Rolling Stones as I’m not a great fan of their music. However, my daughter was watching a seventies hits cable TV channel and the Stone’s classic song “Angie” came on.... View Article

Day 362: Crocodile Rock, Elton John

Countdown to the year anniversary of Covid Island Discs T -5 Like the song Daniel (Covid Island Discs Day 134), Crocodile Rock was a song that also was in that Hydro Majestic hotel’s Jukebox and one that my brother and... View Article

Day 343: Rubber Bullets, 10CC

I think to finish off week 49 we should have another song by the UK band 10CC. This song certainly fits the upbeat feel of the songs I have cited this week. Another song which will get people on a... View Article

Day 134: Daniel, Elton John

Time for some more Elton John. This song reminds me of a holiday we had when I was about 5 years old at the Hydro Majestic in the Blue mountains, Australia. In that hotel there was a jukebox and this... View Article

Day 125: Money, Pink Floyd

Staying on Shania’s money theme, I wonder if she got the start of her Ka-ching song from this all time Pink Floyd classic?

Day 57: Turn the Page by Bob Seger

I first heard the cover of this song by the Australian artist John English. Although his cover was good, the original version with the amazing saxophone part really is a pleasure to listen to.

Day 9: Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney.

So I’m trying to thread my songs together. The link went two songs while I was in hospital, the second was a George Harrison song (Covid Island Disc 7) and this naturally led to the Beatles yesterday (I mean yesterday’s... View Article