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Song 3: Nobody told me, John Lennon

So today I have been watching the news and a Youtube commentary by a Russian intellect on understanding what is driving Putin’s insane war with Ukraine. In relation to Russia and how this great nation sees herself, she is like... View Article

Day 470: I send a message, INXS

Ok time for another INXS song. This is another song that I changed the lyrics of to create a joke song for a St Paul’s fellowship weekend away all the way back when this song was first released on the... View Article

Day 331: Heaven, Bryan Adams

I remember exactly what I was doing when I first heard this classic track from Brian Adams. I was working in a Woolworths shop in a place called Manly (Sydney Australia). It was a University vacation job and I was... View Article

Day 276: Do they know it’s Christmas?

So it’s Monday of Christmas week and over next days I will be releasing Christmas classics that have been produced by rock stars over the years; let’s face it, there are quite a few! We shall start with the 1984... View Article

Day 247: Jump, Van Halen

Another very famous rock classic. Even after so many days of Covid Island Discs there are still classics to find on Youtube.

Day 230: Boys of Summer, Don Henley

Oh the pain. Today the UK re-enters lockdown although this was announced last Saturday as obviously the last thing you need to do when a contagion is in exponential growth phase is act quickly. I just hope one day I... View Article

Day 103: One night in Bangkok, Chess

Over the years I have had a love/hate relationship with chess. A game I would love to be good at but alas stuck at a rating of about 1200. Great musical though.

Day 88: When Doves Cry, Prince

This song was released when I was in first year at Sydney University. Still have such a distinct memory of listening to it with my biology class mates in the Carslaw building. I wonder what became of all those folks?... View Article