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Week 37: The Guys Who Wrote Frosty The Snowman, Ryan George

Ryan George has a real gift of taking the cultural furniture that has been with us for our whole lives and exposing just how strange it really is when observed from a different perspective. I guess our Christmas paraphernalia is ripe for such parody given the thousands of Christmas songs that have accumulated over the centuries this season has been celebrated in the Western world.

Frosty the Snowman has always been one of my favourites since our next door neigbour once bought my daughter Grace a dancing singing snowman with this tune programmed into it. Strangely enough the version in our snowman is a little different to the classic one. Perhaps I am doing a Peter Kay by mishearing the lyrics of my dancing snowman but it truly likes he is singing:

“🎼 Frosty the snowman was a jolly happy soul, with a pink carnation and a button nose and a lively ‘I don’t know‘🎵”. My youngest autistic daughter Rebekah and I now regularly sing these words as we both find them rather amusing in their silliness.

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