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Week 26 Butler of the Year, Morecambe & Wise

Another sketch from two of the most naturally funny comedians who dominated the TV networks when I was a child. While some of their comedy has now aged, this sketch still makes me laugh out loud. Eric Morecambe was incredibly... View Article

Week 14: Mastermind, Morecambe and Wise

So going back again into the early 70s here is another classic sketch from Morecambe and Wise. I must confess it is quite interesting looking back at the comedy of the seventies because it clearly demonstrates how humour is very... View Article

Week 9: The Beatles, Morecambe and Wise

This clip combines one of the most naturally funny comedy duos with one of the greatest rock bands to ever grace our planet. Unfortunately, the footage is restored and quite old as it was filmed in 1963. However, it is... View Article