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Day 444: Wild world, Cat Stevens

This is one of Cat Stevens’ classic and he introduces the song saying it is really addressed at himself. I think most of us once we reach adulthood realise that this world is pretty wild and not always in a... View Article

Day 442: Close to You, The Carpenters

Covid Island Discs is finally drawing to a close. In theory the last of the Covid-19 restrictions in the UK will be removed on the 21st of June 2021. Whether we will stay out of restrictions beyond the 21st is... View Article

Day 434: Melancholy Man, The Moody Blues

This is the second time I have cited a Moody Blues song. This is a very pretty song but much less well known than their classic Nights in White Satin. Another song which has an interesting musical progression with the... View Article

Day 433: Sugar Man, Rodriguez

So one of my artist biographies is on the fascinating life of Sixto Rodriguez who became famous for his music in South Africa and Australia but was unknown in his own country of the USA. Bizarrely it was rumoured that... View Article

Day 397: Voodoo Child, Jimi Hendrix

So I’ll admit that Jimi Hendrix is not my favourite artist but here is one of his classics which demonstrates some of his guitaring skill. If you like electric guitar, you’re going to love this one. This video is quite... View Article

Day 384: I am an ape man, The Kinks

I like this song and it contains lyrics that are timeless and pretty much apply as much today as when the song was first published in 1970. I think I’m so educated And I’m so civilized ‘Cause I’m a strict... View Article

Day 360: My Sweet Lord, George Harrison

Countdown to the year anniversary of Covid Island Discs T -7 Well we’ve made it to week 52 of Covid Island discs and coming up to the anniversary of when the UK first went into lockdown. I have decided that... View Article