Day 478: Woodstock by Crosby, Stills and Nash

So yesterday I cited this song as performed by its author Joni Mitchell. However, the song was made famous by Crosby Stills and Nash in 1970 and this is their version of it performed live in Madison Garden New York City in 2009.

Day 444: Wild world, Cat Stevens

This is one of Cat Stevens’ classic and he introduces the song saying it is really addressed at himself. I think most of us once we reach adulthood realise that this world is pretty wild and not always in a good way.

Day 433: Sugar Man, Rodriguez

So one of my artist biographies is on the fascinating life of Sixto Rodriguez who became famous for his music in South Africa and Australia but was unknown in his own country of the USA. Bizarrely it was rumoured that he had committed suicide shortly before the release of his second album. However this was …

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